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Treat your body to a soothing, relaxing, bath with our special blend of salts including salts from The Dead Sea.

Life today is not as simple as it was in our parents or grandparents day. Today it is fast paced and we are constantly exposed to stress in one form or another. Any doctor will tell you that stress contributes greatly to sickness and disease. One of the simplest ways of ridding the body of stress is with total relaxation. Our bath salts are designed to help you relax your muscles, which will help to release built up stress. We use a combination of salts and pure essential oils in a balanced mixture that you will find most beneficial.

Our Bath salts come in 10 oz. containers and are priced at $7.50 ea.

Shipping is a flat $6.00 on orders up to $100.00. Orders over $100.00 are shipped free. This offer does not apply to candle or wholesale orders.

Bath Salts. Price: $7.50
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Our Ultimate Spa Treatment is the ultimate in removing dead and unwanted skin from hands and feet as well as other parts of the body. Our special blend of conditioning oils and essential oils will leave your skin feeling young and healthy and invigorated.

Ultimate Spa. Price: $15.95
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