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  Perfume Oils
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The original perfume as used by the Ancients.

Perfume oil has been used down through the ages to make women more alluring and men more appealing. Our oils are designed to help you create any mood you wish to portray to the world. We currently stock about 30 different Perfume Oils; enough to create a different aura for each day of the month from fruiti to mysterious. The oils come with a applicator rod in the bottle cap to make it easy to apply the oil to the body. The oils can also be used in Light Rings to create a mood or scent a room, or pour a little over old potpourri to refresh the scent.

The oils come in 1/2 oz. vials and are priced at $5.00 ea.

Many customers that use our perfume oil also use our MassageOil: and Essential Oils

Shipping is a flat $6.00 on orders up to $100.00. Orders over $100.00 are shipped free. This offer does not apply to candle or wholesale orders.

Perfume Oil. Price: $5.00
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