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  Essential Oils
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Discover for yourself the benefits of using pure essential oils in your every-day life.

For our customers that want to blend their own essential oils, we offer a limited supply of the more popular individual oils. Our pure essential oils are sourced from around the world and are Aromatherapy grade. We offer them to you in a 15 ml.(1/2 oz)glass bottle with an orfice reducer. Try a few drops in your bathtub and feel the difference. A maximum of 10 drops per bath is suggested. Make your own massage oils or room freshener.

Shipping is a flat $6.00 on orders up to $100.00. Orders over $100.00 are shipped free. This offer does not apply to candle, base oil, or wholesale orders.

Cedarwood. (Juniperus Ashei) Price: $5.00
Eucalyptus. (Eucalyptus globulus) Price: $5.00
Litsea Cubeba. (Litsea Cubeba) Price: $5.50
Palmarosa. (Cymbopogon martini) Price: $7.50
Patchuli. (Pogostemum cablin) Price: $12.00
Peppermint. (Redistilled Mentha piperita) Price: $6.75
Rosemary. (Rosemarinus officinalis) Price: $8.50
Sweet Orange. (Citrus sinensis) Price: $5.00
Tangerine. (Citrus reticulata) Price: $5.00
Tea Tree. (Melaleuca alternifolio) Price: $6.00
Ylang Ylang 111. (Cananga odorata) Price: $12.00
Fractionated Coconut Oil (1 Gallon) Price: $48.99

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