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  Massage Oil
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Massage brings out true beauty. Those that practice the art of massage have found that it enhances relationships, bringing couples closer together. Take time today for a relaxing, sensual massage with our special blend of Massage Oil.

Massage has been practiced since the dawn of civilization. If you hurt your body, you instinctively Massage it. Down through history healers and lovers, and those that are in the business of beautifying the body have used massage. Today the medical community embraces Massage and uses it routinely. It is no longer relegated to the ranks of the alternative practitioner. Massage helps beautify the body, relieve stress, and tone muscles. Our Massage oil is specially blended from Pure JoJoba Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Vitamin E. and pure essential oils, denoted by * after the name, and essential fragrance oils.

Our Massage Oils are packaged in a 4 oz. cobalt blue bottle with a dispensing cap and are priced at $9.99 ea.

Many customers that use our massage oil also use our EssentialOils: and Perfume Oils:

Shipping is a flat $6.00 on orders up to $100.00. Orders over $100.00 are shipped free. This offer does not apply to candle or wholesale orders.

Massage Oil. Price: $9.99
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