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We currently ship with UPS ground, and for smaller packages with USPS priority mail. We normally ship within 48 hours. If for any reason we foresee not shipping within 72 hours, we will contact you via email. Some products we like to manufacture as they are ordered to give you-our customer-the freshest product available.

We have a minimum shipping charge of $6.00 and normal shipping will be approximately $6.00 plus 7% of the value of the order. This is just a guide that is close, but not always exact as some of our products weigh little, while other weigh a lot. You will never be charged more than actual shipping costs, whether that be a little more, or a little less.

Return Policy: Any and All returns must first be authorized by House of Scents. If a product is damaged during shipping you must first contact the carrier immediately and document the damage and the state of the container the product was delivered in. The shipping company (UPS, USPS, Etc.) will tell you how to proceed with your claim.

If you wish to return a product for any other reason you must first get authorization from House of Scents. The product must be shipped back to us-packed properly-so that we can determine that a valid reason exists to issue a refund. We reserve the right to prorate refunds based on the amount of product returned to us. Under no circumstances will we refund Shipping and Handling charges. *Those will be charged at our actual cost regardless of what we charged on the original order due to sales or specials that we run on Shipping and Handling.

*Shipping and Handling includes the actual cost of freight, the cost of packing materials, and labor which can be substantially more than what was originally charged if a shipping sale was in effect at the time of purchase.

We accept Master and Visa